Allergies Allergy Shots Washington DCThere are numerous ways to treat allergies. Avoidance is usually the first method of choice, however, many times it is impossible to avoid the offending allergen. Medications are utilized generally as a second step. They come in pills, capsules, syrups, powders, nasal sprays, eye drops, and inhalers and can help many individuals. The problem with many medications is that they might not help alleviate the allergy symptoms or they may help initially and then the patient becomes tolerant to the medicine. In addition, medications may cause unwanted side effects or may not be able to be used with other medications being taken by the patient. A third alternative is the use of allergy shots (i.e., allergy injections, allergy immunotherapy, allergy desensitization, allergy hyposensitization). If one decides to go on allergy shots Washington DC area allergists at Black & Kletz Allergy are experts in this treatment for allergies. Allergy shots have been used to treat allergies and asthma for over 100 years in the U.S. They are very efficacious as they generally work in 80-85% of patients who suffer from allergies and/or asthma. When used to treat insect sting hypersensitivities, they are extremely effective in preventing a systemic reaction to an insect sting.

Allergy shots Washington DC residents receive are mainly used to treat allergic rhinitis (i.e., hay fever), allergic conjunctivitis (i.e. eye allergies), asthma, and/or insect sting hypersensitivity (e.g., bee sting allergy). They entail getting an allergy shot weekly for approximately 18 weeks and then they are able to decrease the frequency when they have achieved a maintenance dose. Some individuals receive allergy shots Washington DC trust every 4 weeks as a maintenance dose. Others go more frequently. Still others may vary the frequency of their allergy shots and receive their injections more often during their worse seasons (e.g., in the Spring if they are bothered by tree and/or grass pollens). The average length of time an individual is on allergy shots ranges from 3 to 5 years. Unlike oral medications, which just treat the symptoms, allergy shots get to the root of the problem.

The allergy shots Washington DC area allergy specialists at Black & Kletz Allergy offer will cause an individual to build up antibodies to the offending allergen. Then, when the person is exposed to the allergen (e.g., pollens, molds, dust mites, pets), the treated individual will either not react or react much less severely. This, in turn, offers the allergy sufferer the needed relief they had been seeking. As a result, individuals on allergy shots Washington DC approves, have a much better quality of life. They also do not miss as many days from work/school, since their allergies and/or asthma are much more controlled. Many individuals on allergy shots notice a decrease or an end to their sinus infections. It is very common for a patient on allergy shots to say that they had wished they began allergy shots years ago.

It is important to get allergy shots Washington DC residents trust from a reputable allergy practice such as Black & Kletz Allergy. The board certified allergists at Black & Kletz Allergy have been treating allergies, asthma, and insect sting allergies with allergy shots for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in being able to help the people of the Washington DC metropolitan area manage their bothersome allergies and asthma.