An Allergy Doctor Falls Church VA Trusts Offers Positive Treatment Options

Allergies Asthma Falls Church VAIf you’re suffering from asthma as a result of allergies, contact an allergy doctor in Falls Church VA at Black & Kletz Allergy to learn how we can help you. Asthma attacks can be very scary as they cause the person great discomfort and difficulty with breathing. Severe attacks can be fatal if not treated in time. 

At Black & Kletz Allergy in Falls Church VA, our allergy doctor treats patients who suffer asthma due to severe allergies and can help them to greatly reduce or eliminate their condition. If you have not sought medical attention or treatment for your asthma induced by allergies, contact us at our Falls Church VA office without delay.

If our Virginia allergy doctor from Black & Kletz Allergy diagnoses you with asthma aggravated by allergies, they can offer you tips on how to limit exposure to allergens which cause allergies. Below are some general guidelines.

When pollen counts are high in Virginia, stay indoors as much as possible to limit asthma aggravated by allergies. Because it can be triggered by pollen that floats freely through the air, try to do the following:

  • Keep your windows closed. If it’s a hot day, use the air conditioner but make sure the air filter is clean and of good quality. If the air conditioner smells moldy or musty, service it or consider replacing it, but do not use it. Also, do not use an evaporative cooler, which is also known as a swamp cooler, as it can exacerbate asthma aggravated by allergies.
  • Reduce or eliminate dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic, making them invisible to the naked eye but they live inside carpets and fabrics. You can make them unwelcome by wrapping your mattress, box spring, and pillows in allergen-proof covers. Be sure to also wash your bedding weekly in hot water. They can also infest carpet so if you can eliminate all of your carpeting, that’s ideal. To reduce the likelihood of suffering from asthma aggravated by allergies, avoid using heavy curtains, piling clothing, and upholstered furniture where dust mites gather.
  • Maintain low humidity in your home. Ideally, if you suffer from asthma aggravated by allergies, keep humidity levels at 40% or less. To reduce humidity, you can use an air conditioner or dehumidifier. Low-cost humidity meters are available that can help you monitor the humidity level in your home. Lower humidity slows the growth of dust mites, molds, and cockroaches.
  • Install quality air filters. HEPA room air filters may cost more, but they can remove small particles such as pollen from the air as well as smoke. Note that these room filters do not reduce humidity levels or dust mites. If you work outside in the garden or do yard work, consider investing in a HEPA filter mask. They can reduce the amount of mold particles and pollen that you might otherwise ingest and which could aggravate your asthma from allergies.

If allergies are causing you to suffer from asthma, consult with a specialist in allergies and asthma Falls Church, VA patients recommend from Black & Kletz Allergy.