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Patch Testing at Black & Kletz Allergy

Allergy Doctor Arlington VAAre you suffering from debilitating allergies? Do you want to find relief without having to take medications on a regular basis? If so, allergy shots in Arlington VA may help. If you’re ready to begin, please schedule an appointment with Black & Kletz Allergy today. 

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Effective Allergy Testing at Black & Kletz Allergy

As one of the leading allergy doctors in Virginia, our clinic understands how to effectively diagnose and treat allergies by using the most up to date methods and allergy shots. 

There are several different allergy testing methods to determine if allergy shots in Arlington VA will help you, but not all are created equal. Many physicians, who do not have special training in allergy evaluation, testing, and diagnostics, utilize blood tests. These are called the CAP and RAST test. The CAP test is more sensitive and efficient, but still is less sensitive and efficient than skin testing. 

Blood tests also involve taking blood which can be traumatic for young children. Whereas, skin testing involves small, gentle scratching of the skin. If food allergy tests are being conducted a physician may order an IgG test. This measures and compares levels of IgG antibodies to foods. Currently, IgG tests are not proven which is why an allergy doctor may not recommend this test. 

Unnecessary Allergy Tests 

Allergy skin tests continue to be the most effective way to identify allergies. The test is fast, reliable, and pain-free. According to Medicare, the following allergy tests are not necessary (unless explicitly recommended):

  • Provocative Testing
  • IgG test
  • Blood, urine, or stool tests
  • Live cell analysis
  • Passive transfer
  • Cytotoxic Food Testing
  • Leukocyte Histamine Release 
  • Secretory IgA (Saliva)

If you have not scheduled an appointment to find out if allergy shots would help you, you should do so. The process of evaluating your allergies at Black & Kletz Allergy begins with a detailed history of your allergies, symptoms, illnesses, diet, and more. This is a very important step and helps us to determine whether or not there are any patterns. Furthermore, we may be able to correlate environmental changes with your symptoms. After this is completed and reviewed by your Arlington VA allergy doctor, allergy tests may be performed. Usually, you will have a skin test or a patch test.  

Patch Tests

Skin tests are an effective way to identify environmental and food allergies. Whereas a patch test helps the allergy doctor in Arlington VA to identify delayed-type of sensitivities to chemicals and metals. 

A patch test involves a strip similar to a plaster (Band-Aid) which have been pre-soaked with different chemicals. These will be applied by a nurse or allergy doctor onto the back and left for approximately two days. After this period of time, you will come back to Black & Kletz Allergy where your allergy doctor Arlington VA recommends will read the results. The patch test may continue for another 24 hours and be read again at the 72-hour mark. 

Preparing for Your Patch Test

  • You may be required to schedule multiple appointments in the same week, please plan your time and obligations around this. 
  • Steroids should not be taken at least one week before. 
  • Avoid applying creams, oils, or makeup to your back area. 
  • You should not get the patch test wet after it has been applied. 
  • Your first appointment may last between one to two hours. 
  • Please confirm your coverage, copay, and deductible with your insurance company. 

To schedule a patch test or other allergy test or allergy shots with an allergy doctor Arlington, VA patients recommend, contact Black & Kletz Allergy today.