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Allergy Doctor Chantilly, VAAre you suffering from ongoing symptoms of allergies? Do you find temporary relief with common allergy medications, but feel like you cannot keep taking them forever? If you’re unable to find long-lasting relief from allergies, it may benefit you to see an allergy doctor Chantilly, VA residents can count on. 

At Black & Kletz Allergy, our allergy doctors have been treating men, women, and children of every age who had been struggling with allergies. Having years of experience, we understand how to effectively treat allergies using the latest methods of treatment. By seeing an allergy doctor in Chantilly, VA, you can find relief and start to enjoy daily life. 

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Popular and Effective Allergy Treatments

There are several different ways to treat allergies. As one of the leading Chantilly, VA allergy doctors, we regularly prescribe one or some of the following treatments:

Allergy Shots

Also known as subcutaneous immunotherapy, or SCIT, this allergy treatment is the most common at our clinic. Allergy shots can target the underlying causes of allergies and improve, or even alleviate, their symptoms. Subcutaneous immunotherapy also reduces the patients’ need for pharmaceuticals. When the therapy is used on children, it may be possible to prevent their allergies from intensifying as they get older. The chances of developing asthma now or later in life can also be reduced. 

If an allergy doctor Chantilly, VA resident’s prefer suggests allergy shots at your appointment, they will be specifically produced for your needs, and after you have a skin or patch test. Allergy tests are natural and comprised of different allergens found to be occurring in the environment. The objective of allergy shots is to increase allergen proteins in the body and encourage the immune system to build it’s tolerance to the said allergen. 

In general, you will need multiple allergy shots of a period of time. Two phases may occur. The first involving gradual doses of the allergen until a targeted dosage is met. After this phase, your allergy doctor in Chantilly, VA will recommend regular injections of the target dose. It is during the second phase that the immune system should build up a tolerance to the allergen. As a result, your symptoms are reduced or diminished. It should be noted that allergy shots are not a cure, and will need to be maintained. 

Allergy Drops

Also known as sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT, allergy drops are an alternative to allergy shots. The drops are new in the U.S., but have been administered in Europe for many decades. Not all allergy clinics offer allergy drops, and a Virginia allergy doctor will likely recommend allergy shots over the drops. 

If you are prescribed allergy drops, the custom concoction will be comprised of different allergens that will be administered in a tablet or liquid under the tongue. Like allergy shots, the drops encourage the body to build a tolerance to the allergy. A benefit of the drops is that there is no needle. Candidates for allergy drops may include children, people who have isolated seasonal symptoms, or those who cannot tolerate the shots. 

If you are ready to treat your allergies, call an allergy doctor Chantilly, VA families turn to for results.