Allergy Shots Centreville VADo you have persistent symptoms of allergies, and medication is not working well enough? Are you looking for a way to alleviate these symptoms? If so, it may interest you to speak with a doctor about allergy shots in Centreville, Virginia at Black & Kletz Allergy. 

If you are searching for answers like these, you are in the right place and one step closer to getting the treatment you need. Allergy shots are a type of treatment that involves injections of small amounts of allergens. The doses are custom made based upon results of your allergy tests and given to you over a period of time.

How Long Do Centreville VA Allergy Shots Take

Allergy shots Centreville VA offers to patients are considered to be a long-term commitment. The treatment can take several years or more because the results are generally gradual. However, they are dependent on the individual. Some people do claim to notice results within 6 months to one year of beginning the treatment. 

In general, your allergy doctor will schedule follow up appointments, in addition to your allergy shot appointments, to gauge and assess your progress. 

At the one- to two-year mark of allergy shot treatment, and as long as you’ve reached high doses of your allergens, you should notice an improvement in your symptoms. At the four to five year mark, many patients will have significantly reduced symptoms, if any at all. 

Who are Allergy Shots in Centreville VA For? 

Allergy shots are generally recommended to people who have serious, recurring allergy symptoms, at least four to six weeks out of every year. It may also be ideal for people who have:

  • Sinusitis
  • Insect sting allergies
  • Hay fever
  • Asthma

People with food allergies are typically not candidates for allergy shots. They may also not be ideal for people who have mild allergies; this is due to the high amount of time required for the treatments. 

Adverse Reactions to Allergy Shots

During your treatment, you may have adverse reactions which may fall into, two categories:

Local Reactions: These may occur around the injection site (which is usually on the upper or back of the arms) and tends to be noticeable within the first 30 minutes of the injection or by the 24-hour mark. It is possible to experience bruising, redness, swelling, itching, or a small lump. Placing an ice pack on the area or taking an antihistamine may alleviate the local reaction. 

The staff will monitor you immediately after the injection, but may also recommend you to continue to monitor the injection site and any symptoms for the next day. Anything you notice should be discussed with your doctor at your next visit. 

Anaphylaxis: In a very small number of people undergoing allergy shots, they will experience an anaphylactic reaction. This type of reaction tends to begin with a tingling in the throat, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. In general, a reaction like this will take effect within the first 10-15 minutes of the injection, but it can take up to one hour. If you’re experiencing this, please go to the emergency room. If you are closer to the allergy clinic and they are open, you might return to them. 

Start to Reduce Your Symptoms of Allergies with Allergy Shots 

If you are interested in allergy shots Centreville VA men, women, and children benefit from, contact Black & Kletz Allergy to set up an appointment with one of our dedicated allergists.