Allergy Shots Warrenton, VAAllergies are annoying and can make you feel miserable. They range from mild seasonal allergies to life-threatening reactions there are many different kinds of allergies affecting millions of people around the world. The most prevalent ones are the food allergies that can vary in severity from an upset stomach or a mild headache to very serious and life-threatening allergic reactions.

One of the most common ways to treat allergies is by allergy shots in Warrenton, Virginia from the dedicated doctors from Black & Kletz Allergy. Call our office to find out how we can help you. 

It’s All About Severity

Among food allergies, the peanut and shellfish allergies, though fairly common, nevertheless can lead to very severe reactions that can even cause death. The symptoms associated with food allergies are rash and itching, nasal congestion, nausea and dizziness, diarrhea, swollen lips, tongue, and throat. If not treated promptly it may lead to further complications and you can go into a shock experiencing a rapid fall in blood pressure. The swelling of tongue and throat can cause constriction leading to breathing difficulty and the allergic reaction become life-threatening requiring emergency medical aid. Food allergies, in some cases, are genetically linked somewhere in the family tree. However, most children prone to some type of food allergy at a younger age do grow out of it with age.

Get Professional Treatment

An experienced Warrenton, VA allergist can conduct tests to determine what allergies you have and a treatment plan can be implemented accordingly. Many of our patients have much success with allergy shots. 

The other significantly dangerous allergies are those usually caused by penicillin, sulfa drugs, sometimes insulin, and anesthesia. Different people might be allergic to different drugs. This is why doctors always inquire about any drug allergy before prescribing specific medicines. Drug allergy can also cause severe allergic reactions and be fatal and life-threatening. Being a serious issue, you need to carry the drug allergy information along with your identification details and it should have your blood group noted down.

Most of us find an insect sting or bite annoying, but for some people, it can become a life-threatening matter. People allergic to an insect sting or bite typically start to experience what is known as anaphylaxis, which is a very serious medical condition wherein the airway becomes constricted and the person can go into an anaphylactic shock and die if medical help is delayed.

General symptoms associated with imminent anaphylaxis are rash, itching, swelling of the face, lips, throat, falling blood pressure, and severe diarrhea to name a few leading to anaphylactic shock. Such severe allergic reactions generally are related to bites and stings from wasps, bees, hornets, and yellow jackets, as well as drugs and food.

Latex and various latex materials can cause allergic reactions to people allergic to it and this allergy too can be very dangerous and severe. Both at home and at work people can be exposed to latex that is common in many day-to-day usage things like gloves, shoes, condoms, balloons, and rubber bands. The allergic reaction linked with latex contact can range from mild to severe allergic symptoms and can be life-threatening also. Usually, people have been significantly exposed to latex products develop an allergy to it.

It is advisable for people who have threatening allergies from food, drug, or something else should always to carry a special medical kit which is injectable with all specific accompanying information and should be immediately taken to the hospital to give him or her proper medical treatment. These allergy treatments can be life-saving in these types of situations. 

Get help from your doctor to diagnose any allergies that you might have and to be informed about how to handle the situation if something goes wrong. To find out if allergy shots are recommended for Warrenton, VA residents, contact Black & Kletz Allergy today.