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Allergy shots include small amounts of natural allergens that are injected into the upper arm. These injections cause the body to produce antibodies that eventually block the symptoms of the allergic reaction. Allergy shots can be effective for people who have allergies to dust mites, mold, grass, tree, insect venom, and more. Although the treatment is slow, it can provide long term relief. A Falls Church VA allergy skin test can help determine what should be included in the serum for the patient’s allergy shot. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Falls Church VA Allergy Shots?

You may be a candidate for allergy shots if you:

  • Cannot control your symptoms with medications
  • Have side effects when you take medications
  • Would like to decrease your use of medications
  • Have allergies to things you cannot avoid (i.e. dust mites or pollen)
  • Have severe reactions to stinging insects
  • Want an effective, long term solution to your allergy problems

If you have asthma, your allergist might also recommend allergy shots. They may help to improve your breathing and reduce your need for medicines. They are not generally ideal for food allergies. No matter what it is you suffer from, an allergy skin test can help your doctor choose the best course of treatment. 

Why You Should Choose Black & Kletz Allergy

Black & Kletz Allergy has been helping men, women, and children for decades. Our board-certified allergists understand how debilitating allergies can be and utilize the most effective treatment methods to reduce or eliminate symptoms. We offer personalized care, individualized testing, and custom treatment recommendations. Our allergy shots use the highest quality extracts. We have a high level of clinical success and always strive to improve our practice. 

The Cost of Allergy Shots and Allergy Skin Tests in Falls Church VA

A majority of insurance plans cover allergy skin tests and allergy shots. Some plans cover all of the treatment, but others require a deductible or a co-pay. This will depend on your own plan. We recommended contacting your insurance company to find out what coverage may be available. If you require any help with this, please let us know. 

The Effectiveness of Allergy Shots

When allergy shots are administered properly, they are approximately 80% to 85% effective. Clinical studies have shown the treatment can reduce the symptoms of allergies, decrease medication usage, prevent new allergies, and promote relief. They are also cost-effective and can reduce your overall healthcare-related expenses. 

Can a Pregnant Woman Have Allergy Shots Administered

The initial phase of allergy shots tend to have the most reactions; therefore, starting allergy shots during pregnancy might not be advisable. If a woman has been undergoing the treatment for several months and becomes pregnant, she should discuss whether or not to continue with her OB-GYN and allergist. 

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