Allergy Skin Test Mclean VA

Allergy Skin Test Mclean VAIf you have allergies and you don’t know what is causing them, you should schedule an allergy skin test in Mclean, Virginia at Black & Kletz Allergy. 

People of all ages can be tested for allergies, including elderly and infants. Once you have the results of the test, you can know with confidence what you are allergic to; thereby, begin to manage your symptoms through avoidance, medications, or allergy shots. 

To schedule an appointment for a Mclean VA allergy skin test, call Black & Kletz Allergy today. 

Preparing for an Allergy Skin Test

Prior to administering an allergy skin test in Mclean VA, your allergist may ask you a broad range of questions about your history of symptoms, how you manage them, your medical history, environment, and so forth. Your answers will help the allergist gain an understanding of whether or not you may indeed have allergies, or perhaps are suffering from other conditions such as an immunodeficiency disorder. A physical exam may be conducted to gather additional clues about the causes of your symptoms. Only after both of these steps have been taken will your allergy skin test by a Mclean VA allergy doctor from Black & Kletz Allergy will begin. 

Medications Could Affect the Result

Prior to being given an allergy skin test, it is important that you notify your allergist about any medications you are taking. This includes prescription and over the counter drugs. It is possible for medications to suppress reactions or hinder the ability to give an accurate reading. Other medications could increase the risk of a severe reaction. If you cannot discontinue your usage, as is often the case with antidepressants or heart medication, an allergy skin test may not be an option. In this case, a blood test may be performed. 

Examples of medications that could affect the results include:

  • Prescription antihistamines (i.e. Clarinex)
  • Over the counter antihistamines (i.e. Alavert or Zyrtec)
  • Tricyclic antidepressants (i.e. Norpramin)
  • Some heartburn medications (i.e. Zantac)
  • Some asthma medications (Xolair)

A nurse may administer the allergy skin test and the allergist will then review the results and make the diagnosis. In general, a skin test will take between 20 and 40 minutes. Other tests that are used to detect delayed reactions may take two to three days. Available allergy skin tests Mclean VA has to offer include:

A skin prick test or scratch test. These tests are the most common and can test for up to 40 allergens. They are nearly pain-free and will not cause any bleeding. 

Skin injection test. Some tests involve a small needle which injects an allergen extract underneath the top layer of skin. This is most common to check for insect sting allergies or an allergy to penicillin. 

Patch test. This test is standard to see whether a substance is causing skin irritation. There is no use of needles, but rather allergens are placed onto a patch which is then placed on the skin. Examples of allergens that may be tested through a patch test include latex, hair dyes, metals, resins, and fragrances. Patch tests can take 2-3 days for the results. In this time you will not be able to get the patch moist. 

Before you leave Black & Kletz Allergy, you will know the results of your skin prick or intradermal skin test. A patch test will require more than one appointment before you know the results. If you would like to schedule an allergy skin test Mclean VA doctors can provide, please call Black & Kletz Allergy.