Allergy Specialist Centreville, VA

Allergy Specialist Centreville, VAIf you are one of the many Americans suffering from allergies, it may be time to reach out to an allergy specialist Centreville, VA recommends from Black & Kletz Allergy. Approximately 50 million Americans have allergies; yet, even though it’s the sixth leading cause of chronic illness, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions. Some of these myths are very popular and prevent a potential allergy sufferer from getting the best allergy treatment and advice to manage the symptoms. For more information, reach out to a Centreville, Virginia allergy specialist. 

Myths About Allergies

Only Children Have Allergies

Many people believe that if you don’t have allergies as a child, you won’t ever get them. This is not true. Around half of the adults allergic to foods, developed the allergy in their adulthood. Usually adults are between 20 and 40 when they do develop an allergy; however, anyone, of any age can experience this. 

Allergies Cannot Be Outgrown

Between 60 and 80 percent of children with dairy allergies or egg allergies outgrow them by the time they reach 16 years of age. This is because the body’s reaction to allergens is higher in children. 

You Cannot Be Allergic to Food and Pollen

It is possible that people who have hay fever also have an allergen to food. Known as an oral allergy syndrome, this happens when the immune system reacts to allergens in pollen and in certain foods like raw fruit, nuts, and vegetables. The following are examples of pollen allergies and linked food that people can be allergic to:

  • Alder – Peaches, apples, cherries, celery, almonds
  • Birch – Apricots, nectarines, tomatoes, carrots, walnuts
  • Grass – Watermelon, cantelope, melon, potatoes, peanuts
  • Ragweed – Cantaloupe, honeydew, melon, cucumbers, squash, bananas

When consuming these foods with the pollen allergy, a reaction might not occur when they are cooked. A Centreville, VA allergy specialist might still advise you to avoid the foods all together. 

The Symptoms of Allergies and the Common Cold Are the Same

A cold and an allergy are different. The common cold is a virus and allergies occur when the body’s immune system overreacts to an allergen. Both issues can share the same symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. Fever and body aches, as are common symptoms with the cold, are not associated with allergies. 

You Have to Show Symptoms Before You Take an Allergy Medication

It is possible to avoid an allergic reaction by taking an allergy medication beforehand. If you know that every May you have spring allergies, your allergy specialist in Centreville might recommend you taking medication before you notice the symptoms. In general, you can begin to take the medication two weeks before allergy season. 

You Can Move Across the Country to Escape Your Allergen

Allergens are everywhere. The chances of you escaping your allergens by moving to a different part of the country is minimal. Even if you are allergic to a regional plant, allergens can travel great distances. It is possible that a change of climate may reduce your exposure. For example, dust mites thrive in humid areas and are less common in a drier, colder areas. 

You Don’t Need to See an Allergist for Your Allergy Symptoms

This is simply not true. If you are experiencing the symptoms of an allergy, you should consult an allergist. He or she can diagnose and treat the symptoms, and ensure your allergies are not life-threatening. To learn more, please call an allergy specialist Centreville, VA residents rely on from Black & Kletz Allergy now.