Allergy Specialist Gainesville, VA

Allergy Specialist Gainesville, VAAn allergy specialist Gainesville, VA recommends from Black & Kletz Allergy can help you with any allergy questions you have. If you think you have an allergy, you might wonder whether or not you should have an allergy test? Realistically if you are even thinking about this question, you should consult an allergy doctor who can give you individual advice. 

Allergy tests may be able to help identify allergies to things that you breathe in, eat, touch, or otherwise use. Most allergy tests are administered through a blood or skin test. 

As a Gainesville, VA allergy specialist will tell you, an allergy test is usually not enough. You should also have an allergy doctor exam you and ask you about your medical history. If the doctor’s evaluation points to a possible allergy, allergy tests may be ordered. If you don’t have any symptoms, and your medical exam does not point to an allergy, you may not need an allergy test. 

An Allergy Test Without an Allergy Doctors’ Exam May Not Be Reliable

You might see free allergy screenings offered at your local supermarket or drugstore. Online DIY kits are also available. In general, the results of these tests can be very misleading and you should instead consult with an allergy specialist in Gainesville, VA. For example, the test might tell you that you have an allergy to something when you actually don’t. This is also known as a false positive. Finally, these tests are not the same tests as a certified allergist would use; therefore, they are not always reliable. 

The Wrong Test Results or Unreliable Results Could Lead to Unnecessary Changes

If a test says you have an allergy to soy, for example, there is a good chance that you won’t eat those foods anymore. Perhaps you are also a vegetarian and rely on these foods as a protein source. This could result in malnutrition and other health problems, not to mention unnecessary worries or spent money on expensive protein alternatives. On the other hand, if the test says you have an allergy to cats, you might give up your beloved pet. 

You Can Waste Money On Tests

Allergy tests can cost between $60 and $600. A blood test may run between $200 and $1500 and a test just for hives can exceed $1000. Health insurance usually covers these tests, but there may be factors. Even if you do get the right tests with accurate results, without an allergists’ exam, you might have no idea how to treat the allergy. If you would like to take a test, speak with an allergy specialist in Gainesville, VA now.

When You Should Have an Allergy Test

If you have the symptoms of allergies and have taken various self-help steps, but are not finding relief, it’s time to see an allergy specialist Gainesville, Virginia residents rely on. You allergist may:

  • Ask you about your history of symptoms.
  • Conduct a physical exam.
  • Order a skin test.
  • Order a blood test (usually ordered when circumstances apply).
  • Order a test to check your thyroid or other tests (usually when you have chronic hives).

After you are diagnosed, an allergist will help you to manage your allergies through avoidance, medications, or allergy shots. 

If you are ready to address your symptoms of a potential allergy, an allergy specialist in Gainesville, VA from Black & Kletz Allergy would like to invite you to schedule a consultation at our office.