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Can Asthma Be Cured?


Can Asthma Be Cured?

As with other genetically determined long-term illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure with an unknown cause, asthma cannot be cured at this time, however it can be managed very successfully with conventional medications, allergy immunotherapy (i.e., allergy shots, allergy injections, allergy desensitization, allergy hyposensitization), and/or biological medications [i.e., Xolair (omalizumab), Nucala (mepolizumab),  Fasenra (benralizumab)].

As we understand more and more about the biologic mechanisms involved in asthma, we are able to control the condition more and more effectively.  New and exciting research is throwing light on the various molecules responsible for driving the disease process, and new treatments are being designed to block and neutralize them.

These newer options are adding to our armamentarium in the fight against asthma.  We are now able to relieve the symptoms quickly, as well as prevent or reduce the frequency and severity of the flare-ups and complications.  The quality of life for many asthmatics has greatly improved compared to a few decades ago.

In the not too distant future, gene therapy has the potential to revolutionize the management of many diseases including asthma.