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5 99 Reviews

Been A Patient For 20+ Years

Been a patient for 20+ years. Prompt attention and appts. begin early so I can be on time.

Christina V.

Always On Time For Appointments

Dr. Kletz is an excellent allergist. He understands his patients very well, he’s patient, and always on time for appointments. The staff and office are professional. I have referred co-workers to this practice.

Excellent Doctor

I was recently referred to see Dr. Kletz by my primary care doctor. From the minute he walked into the room, he was fully engaged and listened intently to my allergy and asthma symptoms. He was very familiar with my conditions and knew exactly what to do. The medications he gave me worked like a charm. I am very satisfied with his skills, and best of all, I feel great.

Very satisfied with Dr. Kletz, I have felt so much better since I began seeing him. My year round allergies, asthma & eczema are so much better controlled. I can enjoy being outside with my kids when the pollen level is high which was almost impossible before. I can also enjoy playing golf again. Dr. Kletz is very attentive to my needs and very intelligent regarding other non allergic conditions which is a breath of fresh air.

Jack R.

Terrific Allergist

Dr. Kletz is a terrific allergist. He has helped me and my family for a number of years. He is very courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He knows a lot about sinus disease as I had bad sinuses for years before seeing him. Now I rarely have any sinus headaches or infections. My children also have had much better control of their asthma since being under his care. The staff are also very accommodating and pleasant. I highly recommend this allergy practice.

Julie G.

Top Notch Service And Care

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Kletz for allergy and asthma treatment for several years and he and his staff give top notch service and care. He is dedicated and thoughtful and more importantly very knowledgeable. Unlike many doctors today, Dr. Kletz returns phone messages quickly and always answers my questions so that I can understand the answers. He is an excellent allergist!

Janet G.

Very Pleased

The spring is here early this year and I have been great since I have been seeing Dr. Kletz. Usually when the trees come out my allergies and asthma act up, but so far this year I have been doing amazing. I see others suffering already and am very pleased that I have no symptoms. Dr. Kletz is fantastic and he has helped some of my friends and co-workers too.


Amazing Experience

Have had amazing experience with Dr. Kletz and his staff. He is very attentive an answers all of my questions including my dumb ones. I am sooo much better with my allergies. I have sent several friends here and they also had a great experience. I can finally breathe much better and exercise much more easily without my allergies interfering with everything.

Karen S.

Very Impressed With How Knowledgeable Dr. Kletz Is

I have been seeing Dr. Kletz for several years and I am very impressed with how knowledgeable he is. Several times he has prevented problems that could have occurred if he had not been so thorough. My children and several friends of mine also see him and they are also very impressed. His staff is great and I would highly recommend him if you have allergies or asthma.


Always Nice

Nurses are always nice and Dr. Kletz always remembers who I am!

Mary G