An Allergy Doctor Bristow, VA Trusts Offers Allergy Shots

Allergy Doctor Bristow, VAIf you are suffering from allergies, you may benefit from getting allergy shots which we provide to our patients at Black & Kletz Allergy. Allergies can be debilitating and greatly diminish one’s quality of life. Thankfully, for many people in Virginia, the solution is to undergo a series of allergy shots that can reduce or eliminate their allergies. The process is safe and can provide long-term relief. Make an appointment today with our Bristow, VA allergy doctor at Black & Kletz Allergy to begin getting relief.

How Allergy Shots Work to Relieve Allergies 

A person can suffer from a variety of allergies: certain foods, cats, dogs, mold, even from the blooms of our beautiful trees that we enjoy here in Virginia. When a patient undergoes an allergy shot regimen with an allergy doctor, each custom produced injection contains minute concentrations of the things they are allergic to. The shots are intended to trigger the body into developing immunity to those allergens over time. Eventually, your symptoms will improve and usually develop less often. As a result, you will probably need over the counter allergy medications less, or not at all. 

Because each person is different, the success of the allergy shots on their allergies will differ. The factors to consider are:

  • How many allergies you currently suffer from.
  • The severity of your allergies.
  • The extent of your exposure to allergens.
  • Your overall health.

Allergy Shot Routine

When considering getting allergy shots for allergies, many patients wonder how the process works. An initial screening test will determine what you are allergic to. You may be allergic to things you didn’t know about, and conversely, there may be some things you thought you were allergic to that you are not allergic to.

At the beginning of the treatment, your allergy doctor may recommend you get allergy shots once or twice a week. This will continue for several months. The shots are given in the upper arm and will contain small amounts of the things you are allergic to such as pollen, dust mites, mold, bee venom, pet dander, etc.

The strength of the allergy shot dosages will increase over time until you reach the maintenance level. At that time, you’ll probably get a shot every two-to-four weeks for four-to-five months. Over time, your Bristow, VA allergy doctor will gradually increase the length of time that passes between allergy shots. Eventually, you may receive shots once a month for three-to-five years. During that time your allergies will likely decrease and possibly disappear altogether. After the first year of shots, if you don’t experience improvement, talk to your allergy doctor about alternative treatment options.

Black & Kletz Allergy

Those who suffer from allergies know how miserable it can be during certain times of the year, or in some cases, most days of the year. Over the counter medications may or may not help. If you are suffering from allergies, consider getting allergy shots from our allergists Bristow, VA patients depend on at Black & Kletz Allergy.