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Allergy Shots Tysons Corner VABlack & Kletz Allergy offers a full spectrum of allergy, asthma, and immunodeficiency treatment for people of all ages. If you’re finding daily life to be difficult because of recurring allergy symptoms, relief may be available from allergy shots in Tysons Corner, Virginia.  Michael R. Kletz, MD and Appaji Gondi, MD have been successfully treating area families for years and you can feel confident in knowing you will be listened to and given the care and attention you’re seeking. For an appointment, call Black & Kletz Allergy.

Common Allergies and Related Disorders in Tysons Corner VA


Infections are common and most people will experience one every now and then. If you are having recurring bronchitis, sinus infections, or other infections you might have a low functioning immune system. Our allergists can perform testing to determine whether or not this is the case. Allergies may also be the culprit for recurring infections. If either is found, treatment, such as antibody supplementation or allergy shots in Tysons Corner VA can be provided. 

Insect Sting Allergy

A common reaction to a sting from a bee, hornet, or wasp can involve localized swelling and redness. When people are allergic to these insects, hives, wheezing, or anaphylaxis can result. To prevent these type of reactions, especially during the summer months, allergy shots/venom immunotherapy may be recommended. 


Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is common in children. It causes red, itchy patches, and significant discomfort. An allergist in Tysons Corner VA will determine whether or not there are any allergic triggers and determine if allergy shots or other treatment will help to manage eczema. 

Environmental Allergies

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever can exhibit symptoms all year round or on a seasonal basis. It is possible to be allergic to one, some, or all of the following: weeds, trees, molds, dust mites, dander, trees, and so forth. These types of allergies can also cause asthma. A treatment plan will be based upon various allergy testing and may include medications or allergy shots. 

Food Allergies

Nearly 9 million American adults and 6 million American children have food allergies. There are 8 different foods that account for nearly 90% of all allergic reactions including peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, and wheat. Patient history, lab tests, and skin tests will help the allergist in Tysons Corner VA to understand the allergy and whether it is life-threatening. 


Approximately 20% of people will have hives during their lifetime. Hives are raised, colored, and often itchy bumps or welts that can appear anywhere on the body. There are many triggers of hives such as insect bites, pollen, dander, plants, processed foods, stress, heat, pressure, medication, and more. Skin tests are done to identify the cause; however, sometimes it is unknown. Medications are often prescribed for hives. 

Medication Allergies

For some people, they will have a reaction to a medication. This reaction could be mild to moderate or life-threatening, including anaphylactic reactions. We will review your medication reaction history, and perform tests in our clinic to identify the medications you are allergic to. 

The above allergies we treat are not exhaustive. To find out more about our clinic, call Black & Kletz Allergy today to set up a consultation with one of our doctors and discover if allergy shots Tysons Corner VA residents recommend will help you.