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Allergist Tysons Corner VA

Allergist Tysons Corner VA

When you need a trusted allergy doctor in Tysons Corner, VA, Black & Kletz Allergy should be the first office you call for all things related to hay fever (allergic rhinitis), asthma, food allergies, sinus disease, eczema, hives, swelling episodes, medication allergies, and/or immunologic disorders.  Here is a quick look at some of the different common medical conditions that our office most often treats:

Allergic Rhinitis (also known as Hay Fever):

It is estimated that about 20% of all Americans suffer from hay fever (allergic rhinitis) at some point during the year.  In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, most people find that Spring is the worst season for their allergies because of all the tree and/or grass pollen floating around freely.  The Fall brings ragweed and other weed pollen that similarly cause the same types of allergic symptoms.  Even though seasonal allergies can often be treated with over-the-counter medications, symptoms of this condition can be very disruptive and intrusive.  Many cases of allergic rhinitis require an appointment with a allergy doctor in Tysons Corner, VA for more aggressive treatment options than can be found using over-the-counter medications.  Some of these treatment options include oral medications, nasal sprays, eye drops, and/or allergy immunotherapy (i.e., allergy shots, allergy injections, allergy desensitization).  Allergy shots have been found to be very effective in 80-85% of patients on them.


Asthma is a respiratory condition that affects about 25 million people across the country.  For people living in and around Tysons Corner, VA, there is no denying that asthma symptoms can get worse at various times throughout the year depending on an inpidual’s allergies.  According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), communities around the Washington D.C. metro area actually have a disproportionately higher prevalence of asthma compared to the rest of the country.  Seeking asthma treatment from a board certified allergist in Tysons Corner, VA can make the condition very manageable. These treatments may include preventive measures such as changing an inpidual’s living and/or working environment, prescription medications, allergy immunotherapy (i.e., allergy shots), and/or monoclonal antibody treatments (e.g., Xolair, Nucala).

Pet Allergies:

If you suffer from an allergy to cats or dogs, you certainly are not alone.  Research shows that approximately 30% of allergic Americans are allergic to cats, dogs, and/or other animals.  About 10 million Americans have cat allergies and 5 million have dog allergies.  Pet allergies can cause great misery to people who are sensitive to them.  Still, however, these pet allergy sufferers are very reluctant to part with their “family members” and want treatment so that they can coexist with their pets and not have to be uncomfortable with irritating allergy and/or asthma symptoms.  When you seek treatment from an allergy doctor that Tysons Corner, VA residents trust, like Black & Kletz Allergy, you can learn different methods of making these pet allergies more manageable either by preventative measures, medications, and/or allergy immunotherapy.

Food Allergies:

Along with cats and dogs, many people find themselves Googling “great allergy doctor Tysons Corner” because of allergies to certain foods, especially foods like peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.  While many people experience severe allergic reactions to these foods, other inpiduals may experience less severe reactions to these foods; knowing how your body reacts to food allergies makes it possible to control your allergic reactions and avoid accidental ingestion.

Get in Touch With a Tysons Corner Allergy Doctor Today

Contact Black & Kletz Allergy for more information on the many different services and treatments we can provide to inpiduals suffering from respiratory conditions like seasonal allergies and asthma.  We accept most insurance plans and our team of medical professionals always works with patients to develop inpidual allergy treatment plans that will provide the most effective relief.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call one of our offices today.  At Black & Kletz Allergy, we are proud to be recognized as a top allergy doctor Tysons Corner patients can visit and trust to provide their allergy care.

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