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Arlington Allergist

Arlington Allergist

If you are searching for an allergist in Arlington, VA, make Black & Kletz Allergy the solution to your Arlington allergist hunt.  Dr. Kletz and his associate Dr. Gondi specialize in providing comprehensive allergy and asthma diagnoses and treatments throughout the area.  Whether you need allergy testing or treatment, an immunologic workup, asthma treatment, or management of hives, eczema, and/or other skin conditions near Arlington, VA, Black & Kletz Allergy has been meeting the needs of the community for many decades.

Asthma treatment in Arlington, VA is necessary for all individuals affected by this chronic lung disease.  Proper medications and other treatments will have you or your children breathing easy and able to participate in sports, exercise, and other activities.  The doctors can determine if your asthma is caused or exacerbated by allergies by obtaining a thorough medical history and physical examination as well as performing allergy skin tests near Arlington, VA at their conveniently located office.  Allergy skin tests are easy to perform and they will indicate your sensitivity to specific allergens.  If your reactions to the allergy testing is positive and it correlates with your symptoms, the allergists may then recommend a series of allergy shots (i.e., allergy injections, allergy immunotherapy, allergy desensitization) near Arlington, VA at their office.  These allergy shots will reduce your sensitivity and response to allergens over time, and as a result, reduce or eliminate your allergy and asthmatic symptoms.

Black & Kletz Allergy provides a full array of allergy services to individuals requiring an allergist near Arlington, VA.  Their board certified allergists treat both adults and children.  Allergies and asthma in Arlington, VA can be challenging conditions to manage due to the large number of potential allergens in the environment.  Arlington, VA not only has the common allergens like pollens, dust mites, and molds, but it also has a great deal of air pollution as a result of the increased traffic in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  Our allergy specialists near Arlington, VA provide treatment for these and other potential triggers.

Some individuals in Arlington, VA require an immunologist to diagnose and treat a variety of immune system disorders.  The physicians at Black & Kletz Allergy not only treat allergic disorders, but also specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of immune conditions such as immunodeficiency disorders which commonly cause individuals to have recurrent infections.

Allergies, asthma, hives, eczema, and immune disorders can have a major impact on your ability to work, enjoy your family, and live a healthy and happy life.  Our allergists in the Arlington, VA area are specialists that can treat even the most complicated allergic disorders in you or your family members.  Please contact us today for a consultation so that we can put an end to your allergy suffering.

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