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Allergist Gainesville VA

Allergist Gainesville VA

Black & Kletz Allergy has the Premier Allergy Doctors Gainesville, VA Residents Trust for All of their Allergy Needs

If you are suffering from a variety of allergy symptoms as a result of the seasonal changes, you will need to contact the allergy doctors that Gainesville, VA patients trust to handle all of their symptoms:  Black & Kletz Allergy. Comprised of two board certified allergists, Michael R. Kletz, MD, and Appaji Gondi, MD, and with three offices conveniently located in the greater Washington, DC area, Black & Kletz Allergy is the Gainesville, VA allergy practice to go to for even your worst allergy symptoms. For more than 50 years, Black & Kletz Allergy has provided trusted adult and pediatricallergy treatments to the area residents, and we are pleased to continue this tradition for you and your family.

Get the Asthma Treatment Gainesville, VA Allergy Sufferers Need

One of the most frightening statistics for residents of the greater Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas is that they are disproportionately more likely to suffer from asthma as a result of allergies. Asthma can happen as a result of pollens, pets, dust mites, mold spores, and/or cockroaches. Asthma is characterized by wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and/or tightness in the chest.

An asthma attack can be a very scary thing, especially for a younger patient, who may not know what is going on and why it is happening. Whatever is causing your asthma attacks, if you suffer from asthma as a result of the seasonal changes, you should schedule an appointment with Black & Kletz Allergy, the premier allergists in Gainesville, VA for Gainesville asthma treatment.

Get Comprehensive Treatments from the Allergy Doctors Gainesville, VA Residents Need the Most

Although asthma is one of the most common conditions that allergy sufferers endure, there are other symptoms of allergies that require immediate treatment from Black & Kletz Allergy, the trusted allergy doctors Gainesville, VA residents need the most, such as:

  • Hives:  Also known as urticaria, hives are the red, splotchy breakouts that occur as a result of an extreme allergic reaction. This can occur as a result of an undiagnosed food or medication allergy as well as many other causes.
  • Sinus Problems:  Issues pertaining to your sinuses are typically results of either physical anomalies, allergies, or an infection. Allergists that Gainesville, VA trusts can help you get to the bottom of your sinus problems – call today!
  • Anaphylaxis:  Anaphylaxis is the most extreme form of an allergic reaction, and if not treated quickly and appropriately, it can be life-threatening. If you have had an anaphylactic reaction to something, whether it be to food, to drink, or to something in the air, you need to make an appointment with the allergists at Black & Kletz Allergy immediately to determine the cause of your anaphylaxis, so that appropriate prevention and treatment can be implemented.

Black & Kletz Allergy is the premier allergy practice Gainesville, VA allergy sufferers go to for all of their allergy needs — contact us today to find out more information about our comprehensive list of services.

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