Allergy Specialist Bristow, VA

Allergy Specialist Bristow, VAWhen you start seeing signs of allergies, you may need an allergy specialist Bristow, VA residents rely on. Do you believe you are allergic to some medications? Are you worried about having a serious reaction and would like to prevent this from happening? If so, an allergy specialist Bristow, VA respects can help you to safeguard yourself from a reaction to a medication. 

For many years, the Bristow, Virginia allergy specialist at Black & Kletz Allergy has been diagnosing and treating men, women, and children. Our experience is vast and includes identifying and treating common and uncommon allergies of all types. We understand that medication reactions tend to be moderate to serious, even life-threatening. It’s a time that fear may overwhelm and upset you. By preparing and planning ahead of time, you can equip yourself with the right knowledge to prevent a serious reaction to a medication. This knowledge must first begin with an accurate diagnosis of the allergy. If you would like to be tested for a medication allergy, please call an allergy specialist Bristow, VA has to offer to families. 

Allergies to Medication

If you’ve ever taken a medication and developed a rash, swelling, or closing of the esophagus, you might have an allergy. These types of allergies can occur when the body has become too sensitive to the medication, and sees it as being an invader. The response by the body includes a rapid release of defensive chemicals against the alleged invader. It is this chemical release that leads to an allergic reaction. 

Symptoms of a Medication Allergy

It is possible to take medication without having ever experienced a reaction, only to suddenly have the symptoms of an allergy. If you’ve ever noticed any of the following symptoms after taking a medication, it may be a good idea to talk with a Bristow, VA allergy specialist. 

  • Swelling of the eyes, mouth, tongue, or throat
  • Swelling in other parts of the body
  • Hives
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramping
  • Vomiting
  • Wheezing
  • Dizziness 
  • Breathing problems 

Some people who have medication allergies could have anaphylaxis. This is a very serious reaction that can hinder the person’s ability to breathe. If left untreated, they could die. If you or someone else is unable to breathe or having symptoms of anaphylaxis, please call 9-1-1. 

How a Bristow, VA Allergy Specialist Can Diagnosis a Medication Allergy

Effectively diagnosing an allergy to medication can be troublesome and time-consuming. This is because skin tests, the common form of allergy test, only work with penicillin-related allergies. 

When you see an allergy specialist in Bristow, VA, he or she will review your medical history and discuss what, if any, reactions to medications you have had in the past. It may be useful to bring the medication in question with you. Depending on the factors of your first consultation will depend on how you will be tested for the medication allergy. In general, a skin test or oral drug challenge will be recommended. In some cases, an allergy doctor may feel any type of testing is too dangerous.

Following the results of your testing, the doctor will review with you the different steps and preventative measures you can take to avoid the medication. You may also be prescribed additional medication to stop the reaction or an epinephrine pen. 

If you would like to schedule an assessment for your medication allergy, please call an allergy specialist Bristow, VA recommends at Black & Kletz Allergy today!