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Doctor for Sinus Problems: McLean Allergy Treatment

Doctor for Sinus Problems: McLean Allergy Treatment

Looking for a doctor for your sinus problems in McLean, VA. Visit our doctors at Black & Kletz Allergy today.

About thirty-five million Americans develop an acute sinus infections each year.  In addition, over twenty million people in the United States suffer from chronic sinus infections.  However, these conditions are frequently mistaken for a persistent cold or allergies.  Without proper identification and treatment, people suffering from sinus problems will not be able to enjoy a normal quality of life.  People with sinus conditions should consult a doctor for sinus problems to seek alleviation for persistent symptoms.

Sinus Problems and Related Symptoms

There are three broad categories of sinus problems:  problems resulting from physical anomalies; problems resulting from allergies; and problems resulting from an infection.  These conditions often work in concert, and people suffering from either physical anomalies or allergies are likely to be at greater risk for sinus infections.  A doctor for sinus problems is able to treat issues in all three categories.

Many sinus problems result from physical variations in the sinuses.  These physical abnormalities can include:  a deviated septum, a nasal polyp (which can be caused by allergies), a foreign body, impaired ciliary function, systemic diseases (i.e., immune disorders, cystic fibrosis).  Underlying physical conditions can cause additional discomfort when people contract a sinus infection.

Sinus infections and allergies are sometimes mistaken for one another.  Though sinus infections and allergies are not the same, people with allergies may suffer from sinus problems and are more prone to sinus infections.  Their environmental or food sensitivities can trigger a dilation of blood vessels in the nose and causes a release of chemicals from cells in the nose that cause swelling. It is the swelling that causes congestion which predisposes them to get sinus infections.

A sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, causes the lining inside the sinuses to become swollen and inflamed.  This makes it difficult for the sinuses to drain, which causes mucus to build up.  Other symptoms, including a sore throat, cough, headache, fatigue, decreased sense of taste and smell, and pressure or tenderness around the nose, forehead, cheeks, and/or eyes, may also accompany sinusitis.  Note that itchy watery eyes are symptoms of allergies, rather than sinusitis.

In most cases, sinusitis is caused by a virus, though it may also be caused by bacteria and fungi.  Either over-the-counter or prescription medication can be used to treat these conditions. If symptoms persist, you should make an appointment with an allergist.  Additionally, people who experience these symptoms three or more times a year may have chronic sinusitis or recurrent sinusitis and should consult an allergist.

Doctor for Sinus Problems at Black & Kletz Allergy In McLean, VA

Some people suffer for years, often mistaking their sinus problems for allergies, and forgoing relief that could be obtained had they sought medical attention rather than treating their conditions themselves.  A doctor for sinus problems, such as allergists Drs. Kletz and Gondi, can prescribe medications to treat your sinus problems.  The doctors in McLean, VA can additionally recommend appropriate lifestyle changes to help reduce symptoms and prevent further episodes.

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