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Find Your Allergy Doctor In Manassas, McLean And Washington, DC

Find Your Allergy Doctor In Manassas, McLean And Washington, DC

To find an allergy doctor/immunologist in Manassas, VA, you must located a physician with specialized training in the fields of asthma, allergy, and immunology. Allergists treat patients suffering from asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, eczema, and other related conditions.  After you or your doctor have determined that you should see a specialist, what steps should you take to find an allergy?  This choice can be particularly difficult in a large urban area like Manassas, VA, where many allergists have established practices.

When trying to find a Manassas, VA allergy doctor, there are two primary considerations you should take into account when making your selection:

  • Do my allergist’s qualifications meet my needs?
  • Am I comfortable with my allergist’s bedside manner?


In order to evaluate a potential allergist’s qualifications, the single most important question is whether he or she is certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology.  In order to receive this certification, an allergist must complete an additional two to three years of fellowship training after their internship and residency and then pass a board certification examination. This certification qualifies the allergist to treat allergic diseases, asthma, and diseases of the immune system.  Discerning whether an allergy doctor is “board certified” is the best way to determine if he is a specialist and an expert.  In addition to asking about board certification, you may want to ask the following questions to a potential allergist in order to evaluate his or her training and experience:

  • Where did you receive your medical training?
  • When did you graduate from medical school?
  • How long have you been practicing as an allergist?
  • What kind of ongoing training and professional development opportunities do you pursue?

Bedside Manner

Once you have found that the allergist’s qualifications meet your needs, it is equally important to determine whether you are comfortable with his bedside manner.  It is strongly recommended that you schedule an initial consultation with your potential allergy doctor in order to properly evaluate this crucial component of the care you will receive.  During this visit, be sure to consider the following questions to determine whether the allergist is a match for your needs:

  • How often will I interface with the allergist rather than with a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner?
  • What does the allergist feel is his role and the patient’s role in controlling allergies?
  • Does the allergist take a thorough personal and family medical history?
  • Does the allergist conduct a physical exam, including examination of the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and lungs?
  • Does the allergist clearly explain his diagnosis of my condition and my available treatment options?
  • Does the allergist give me all the information I need to make informed choices?

In order to find an allergy doctor with the training, experience, professional habits, and disposition amenable to your personal preferences, take care to consider all of the criteria discussed above.  If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Kletz or Dr. Gondi, please call or request an appointment online to meet at any one of our three Manassas, VA area office locations.

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