Immunologist Chantilly, VA

Black & Kletz Allergy offers the services of a full time immunologist Chantilly, VA residents respect, who serves the population in the greater Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland metropolitan area. Our allergy and immunology practice has the following 3 office locations: Washington, DC, McLean, VA (Tysons Corner, VA), and Manassas, VA.

Our immunologist Chantilly, VA inhabitants trust, is a specialist physician trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating the disorders of the immune system. Our immune system exists to protect us from infections and cancers. It defends us against infections from various germs (e.g., viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites). Our immunologist Chantilly, VA residents admire, can accurately diagnose various disorders of the immune system and offer effective treatments in order to improve the quality of life of individuals with these immune disorders.

The immune system can be defective either from birth (i.e., primary immune deficiency conditions) or the immune function can deteriorate later in life due to various organic diseases (i.e., secondary immune deficiency disorders). Our immunologist Chantilly, VA inhabitants have confidence in, may perform various tests to differentiate these conditions from one another so that appropriate treatments can be offered.

Primary immune deficiency disorders may lead to an increase in the frequency and severity of infections. This tendency can begin either in infancy or later in life depending on the specific type of disorder and its severity. These infections can take the form of frequent respiratory (i.e., ears, nose, throat, sinuses, lungs), gastrointestinal, skin and soft tissue, and/or urinary tract infections. Infections such as otitis media (i.e., middle ear infection, recurrent strep infections of the throat, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, skin boils, and recurrent urinary tract infections are just some of the infections that are prevalent in individuals with an immunodeficiency. It is important to note that some of the immune disorders may also present with skin disorders such as eczematous rashes.

The evaluation for these conditions by our immunologist Chantilly, VA residents respect begins with a comprehensive history taken by our immunologist. Our immunologist will delve into the nature, frequency, and severity of such infections. After a thorough history is taken, it is followed by a detailed physical examination. The diagnosis will be confirmed by the immunologist Chantilly, VA inhabitants trust after performing specific laboratory tests. These tests may involve the determination of the numbers and functions of certain types of white blood cells known as lymphocytes.

Some types of lymphocytes (i.e., B lymphocytes or B cells) are responsible for producing antibodies (i.e., immune globulins) as an immune defense and other types of lymphocytes (i.e., T lymphocytes or T cells) are instrumental in the type of defense known as cell-mediated immunity. It is possible that either or both types of immune defenses can be defective. Our immunologist Chantilly, VA residents respect will evaluate for many different types of disorders before finally establishing the diagnosis. Our immunologist Chantilly, VA residents admire will also test for the responses to immunizations that the patients received during their childhood. Individuals with immune deficiencies will not be able to mount adequate responses to vaccinations.

One example of an immunodeficiency is the condition known as common variable immunodeficiency. Common variable immunodeficiency is one of the most common primary immune deficiencies, even though the prevalence is about 1 in every 50,000 individuals. In this condition, either the number or the function of the lymphocytes is defective. As a result, protective antibodies are not manufactured in sufficient numbers, which predisposes the patient to more frequent and severe infections.

Individuals with immune deficiencies are usually treated by our immunologist Chantilly, VA inhabitants trust with regular antibody replacements. The process of antibody replacement involves infusions of commercially available pooled antibodies every 1 to 4 weeks. These immunodeficiencies usually need long-term continuous treatments in order to prevent recurrent infections.

Another way that the immune system can malfunction is by turning against its own organs or tissues. This phenomenon is called autoimmunity. Essentially, one’s immune system sees its own body as “foreign” and as result, attacks its own organs and/or body tissues. Clinical manifestations vary widely depending on the organs involved. These autoimmune disorders are also evaluated and co-managed by our immunologist Chantilly, VA residents respect, typically along with a Rheumatologist.

The allergists at Black & Kletz Allergy treat both pediatric and adult patients. We have 3 offices in Washington, DC, McLean, VA (Tysons Corner, VA), and Manassas, VA.  All of our office locations have on-site parking.  The Washington, DC and McLean, VA offices are Metro accessible and the McLean, VA office has a free shuttle that runs between our office and the Spring Hill metro station on the silver line.  You may also click Request an Appointment and we will respond within 24 hours by the next business day.  Black & Kletz Allergy has been a fixture in the greater Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland metropolitan area for over 50 years for our exceptional services for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, asthma, and immunological disorders.